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As Chicago Auto and Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, we have successfully handled many auto and pedestrian cases including a wide variety of car accidents as well as accidents involving pedestrians. The law of Illinois now protects pedestrians who are crossing at unmarked intersections.

In a serious car accident case, black box data and an investigation into the circumstances of the accident need to be timely obtained. Witnesses should be interviewed, and any debris, skid marks, and crush characteristics of the vehicles photographed and, if necessary, evaluated by a qualified accident reconstruction engineer.

Careful work-up and preparation in any case—whether automobile, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, or trucking accident—involving both liability and damages are required to be timely carried out by the lawyer as well.

We have obtained a settlement of $250,000.00 for a bicyclist struck by a car as well as a settlement of $400,000.00 for a driver rear-ended by another car a high speed.

In 2013, we obtained a $2.0 million dollar settlement for a family in a wrongful death/personal injury case involving a tractor-trailer/minivan accident.

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