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Chicago Paralysis and Spinal Injury Lawyers

As Chicago Paralysis and Spinal Injury Lawyers, we have successfully handled many paralysis and spinal injury cases and are aware of the appropriate experts who need to be retained including physiatrists, economists, and life care planners. Those who have sustained spinal cord injury are entitled to recover for their future medical needs as well as other elements of damage.

Our focus is on the well-being of the patient, making sure the patient’s present and future medical needs can be easily satisfied. Our task is to be successful in recovering an amount that can take care of any future medical expenses, including those for in-home nursing care, in-home physical and occupational therapy, wheelchairs, braces, transportation vans, prescription drugs, modifications to the home, as well as other medical necessities.

We obtained a $6.5 million dollar settlement on behalf of a child with cerebral palsy caused by medical malpractice. We have also obtained many structured settlements for catastrophically injured children and adults which will help provide for them a healthy and safe future.

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