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Root Systems

Complexity exists just beneath the surface of simplicity. The trick is to let simplicity work to guide you through the path of complexity. “He told me about oak trees; how when one of their number was under stress they would share nutrients via their root systems.” — Robert Macfarlane, The Wild Places, Pg. 264 (Penguin […]

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Moving Past Reasons

We’ve set forth our reasons. We believe others will accept them. They’re valid reasons and they’ve been presented in good faith. Yet others have not been persuaded. We seek an explanation. Rational arguments versus irrational arguments. A rational argument is based on truth; an irrational argument is based on falsity. But both types of arguments, […]

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Skill Sets

Item. Is there an academic discipline that combines physiology and psychology in a systematic way? Or to put this in slightly different terms: can an examination of the physical be used to somehow predict behavior, speech patterns, ways of viewing the world, etc.? “We have two eyes” ––does this suggest we’re hardwired to see things […]

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Categorical Proof

Categorical proof is proof so strong, so definite, so compelling as to defy any alternative explanation. Corroborated proof with verifiable transparency coupled with no way of contradicting the evidence and no alternative explanation––such would represent a good first step in these instances. Seeking to convince others––there are gradations, from the obvious to the extraordinary. The […]

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Build and Construct

You have a message to convey to others. Your task is to persuade. Persuasion in this context can be defined as a method to change not only beliefs, but the way others arrive at their beliefs. Once others can be shown a better path of reasoning, then the conclusion you seek to draw might more […]

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The Healing Power of Dogs

Dogs have a special bond with humans that transcends the physical. Multifaceted, involving both the physical and spiritual, the bond between this small being and humans can best be described as supernatural. When a dog dies, that bond is broken––and like any other traumatic disruption, the break can be upsetting on a much deeper level […]

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Walls and Windows

Dense, crowded with facts and rules, appellate decisions at times have hidden meanings. What those meanings imply––well, that’s the task of interpretation. At face value a sentence or paragraph may seem relatively simple. But what lurks beyond? “For all the great texts have esoteric significance, he believed and taught…” writes Saul Bellow in Ravelstein. Ascertaining […]

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Behind the Scenes

To help another person. What does “help” actually mean? How does one help someone? Assist? Guide? Be of support? Teach? Counsel? The simple fact: most helpers do not help. We surely intend well, but our efforts fall short. What’s the reason? Well, let us count the ways. We unwittingly work at cross purposes to another’s […]

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The Science of Subjectivity

“An action taken with positive thoughts will never produce negative results.” ― Debasish Mridha Risk, and its acceptable level, turn on internal and external circumstances, both known and unknown. Let’s take a simple, if somewhat stylized, example to illustrate. Suppose someone presents to you the following opportunity. There are a thousand sealed boxes all of them identical […]

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Solution First, Then Problem

There are easy solutions––and there are difficult ones. Merely because one has chosen a difficult solution to a problem does not work to confer an advantage. The result’s the same. So, what are some methods to help find an easier way? Leverage. Using a fulcrum, a small weight can leverage a far greater weight. Ask: […]

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