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The Edge of Impossibility

“The first discipline is to focus your finest effort on the one or two goals that will make all the difference, instead of giving mediocre effort to dozens of goals,” write Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling in their book The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals. A contested case will […]

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Not So Simple

Things are not so simple. We know this when we’re in the presence of a child. Three questions––that’s all it takes. While in a car with a parent, a seven–year old child might ask: why do we age? “Because as time passes, we grow older.” The child asks: why? “Because our cells, our DNA, sustain […]

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A Surface Abnormality

The law of Illinois permits recovery for “disfigurement,” typically meant to refer to scars, but it can also mean any traumatically–caused mark, blemish, or other physical deformity.  In a personal injury lawsuit, scars should be worked up as carefully as any other element of damage. Photographic evidence documenting the initial injury and stages of healing; […]

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Navigating the Maze

All human–created systems––e.g., educational, economic, legal––have a design. These design characteristics vary, with some aspects being welcoming, beneficial; other aspects, not so much. We tend to focus on design flaws because of how easily they intrude into our consciousness and make themselves known. A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance […]

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Next Level Preparation

Webster defines preparation as “the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty.” They are layers of preparation. To help explain, let’s use the layers of the human skin as a guide.Epidermis. The skin’s surface. Merely examining the surface of a subject […]

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Three Questions

Do law professors still write about tort law? In the academy, the tendency is to elevate one’s writing to the more rarefied atmosphere of pure theory. But tort law beckons: it’s a rich sedimentary deposit of granite and limestone, silica and sand, an archeological excavation which must be performed with great delicacy. So, for the […]

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Who’s There

The cross–examiner strives for a simple signpost to guide the way. In the welter and chaos of words and counter–words, of branches and leaves, how to carve out a clear path forward? In a multilayered case, complexity can seem to render reality inexplicable, impenetrable. Thus, the search for that one short phrase which encapsulates the […]

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All We Need

What’s at work when a witness testifies in a way contrary to expectation? Why do we tend to take this testimony more seriously? An example. Congressional hearing on climate change. The head of the Sierra Club testifies that urgent action is needed to address this issue. The panel then hears from the Chairman of ExxonMobil––and […]

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Ideas and Groups

Working as a group––its own complex puzzle. “The three main factors affecting a team’s cohesion (working together well) are: environmental, personal, and leadership.”[1]Varying perspectives, differing viewpoints, joined to solve a single complex problem. How can each member of the group be successful? How can one person assist, or resist, another to reach an optimal solution? […]

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Finding Hidden Treasure

“All advocacy is, at its core, an exercise in empathy.” ––Samantha Power Standing in another’s shoes implies assuming a point of view different from one’s own. You’re seeing things from another’s frame of reference, from their sense of perspective. The angle of vision, the corridor of approach, the nature and extent of indistinct outline and […]

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