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Possibility of Interpretation

Possibility of Interpretation Ideas, late-night thoughts, random musings––to keep track of things, and why not?  Item.  Certain strongly held beliefs, particularly those which define one’s identity, if looked upon at a slightly readjusted angle, can easily become a form of self-deception in much the same way as that of a mirage or hallucination or possibility […]

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Back to Basics

The young lawyer, having just finished reading a book on military history, likens a lawsuit to a form of warfare. The older lawyer tries to explain the two are not quite analogous even though both in a general sense utilize both “strategy” and “tactics.” Marshalling those facts favorable to your side of the case. A […]

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The Interstitium: Hiding in Plain Sight

Recently, researchers have announced the existence of what they believe to be a new organ labeled the “interstitium.” The article, published in Scientific Reports, received wide media coverage. In a press release announcing the study, it was reported: “The field has long known that more than half the fluid in the body resides within cells, […]

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Capability Ethos and the Law of Accidents

Where does tort law fit in as part of a country’s intellectual history? Does the law of accidents exert an influence upon a country’s basic belief system? The idea of restitution and recompense for negligently caused harm fits well into a universal-rights based belief system, one that protects and celebrates individual rights, one that sets […]

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Courting the Counterfactual

Each case stands or falls on its facts. There’s no assurance that a prior case will necessarily bring about the same result in a later, similar case. “Factual” thinking looks back and examines what occurred without judgment or evaluation. “Counterfactual” thinking, however, goes beyond. “Counterfactual thinking, commonly exemplified by the expression “what might have been” […]

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On the Art of Living Well…with Chronic Back Pain

Enervating, irksome, debilitating, back pain––particularly severe back pain––can significantly affect the quality of one’s hours and days. The trick is to live well notwithstanding its presence. This requires both patience and impatience: patience, to allow the body time to heal; impatience, to alleviate at once its most acute symptoms. Living well implies not allowing the […]

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