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Forms of Expression

Late-night thoughts, random musings, unrelated contemplations: Item. Lawsuits involve competing views attached to a set of facts. A rejoinder to another’s position assumes one will respond in a “proportionate” manner. But proportionality requires one to temper and moderate one’s level of response. Another approach is not initially to seek out proportionality, but to seek out […]

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Skill Sets

Item. Is there an academic discipline that combines physiology and psychology in a systematic way? Or to put this in slightly different terms: can an examination of the physical be used to somehow predict behavior, speech patterns, ways of viewing the world, etc.? “We have two eyes” ––does this suggest we’re hardwired to see things […]

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Behind the Scenes

To help another person. What does “help” actually mean? How does one help someone? Assist? Guide? Be of support? Teach? Counsel? The simple fact: most helpers do not help. We surely intend well, but our efforts fall short. What’s the reason? Well, let us count the ways. We unwittingly work at cross purposes to another’s […]

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The Science of Subjectivity

“An action taken with positive thoughts will never produce negative results.” ― Debasish Mridha Risk, and its acceptable level, turn on internal and external circumstances, both known and unknown. Let’s take a simple, if somewhat stylized, example to illustrate. Suppose someone presents to you the following opportunity. There are a thousand sealed boxes all of them identical […]

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A New Way of Seeing

Science has yet to explain chronic pain. While it has long been known that many injured in car accidents never recover, the precise explanation for this remains unclear. A growing body of medical literature demonstrates that PTSD may play a role. “Our results showed that high level of catastrophizing and PTSD are predictors of chronic […]

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