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Advocacy by Algorithm

Legal method, defined as advocacy, presentation, or persuasion, is due for an upheaval. One trend that’s emerging—artificial intelligence. Brief writing in a matter of minutes rather than hours, gathering, summarizing and presenting data in seconds rather than weeks, even crafting the most persuasive verbal patterns of sound and speech––all will be shaped and affected by […]

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A Surface Abnormality

The law of Illinois permits recovery for “disfigurement,” typically meant to refer to scars, but it can also mean any traumatically–caused mark, blemish, or other physical deformity.  In a personal injury lawsuit, scars should be worked up as carefully as any other element of damage. Photographic evidence documenting the initial injury and stages of healing; […]

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Who’s There

The cross–examiner strives for a simple signpost to guide the way. In the welter and chaos of words and counter–words, of branches and leaves, how to carve out a clear path forward? In a multilayered case, complexity can seem to render reality inexplicable, impenetrable. Thus, the search for that one short phrase which encapsulates the […]

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